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Hotel Les Trois Roses

The activities around the hotel

At the heart of the Auverge-Rhône-Alpes region, Grenoble offers a multitude of activities and discoveries for culture buffs, innovation seekers and curious city dwellers.

In the vicinity of the Hôtel Les Trois Roses, you'll find numerous points of interest not to be missed.

Discover the fine arts at the Musée de Grenoble, just 10 minutes from Hôtel Les Trois Roses.

With collections of ancient, modern and contemporary art, this emblematic city museum will delight travelers in search of culture.


Take to the skies!

Perched nearly 500m above sea level, visit the Bastille fort, which has overlooked Grenoble since the XIXᵉ century.

Built on the Chartreuse massif, it's accessible on foot, by car or by taking the Grenoble Téléphérique!

Its round glass-walled cabins let you fly over Grenoble, and hoist you up to the fortifications of the Bastille in five minutes!

Just 10 minutes from the Hôtel Les Trois Roses.

Discover a place like no other!

Visit ESRF, the world's most powerful European synchrotron.

Find out why scientists from every continent come to ESRF to enjoy the beam in the Grenoble ring.

Discover this place just 20 minutes from the Hôtel Les Trois Roses.

Looking for a group tour on a package tour?

Visit the GIANT Innovation Campus!

A place of collaborative innovation, it brings together 8 institutes dedicated to research, technology, higher education and industry to collectively respond to the major societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Discover this site just 15 minutes from the Hôtel Les Trois Roses.



Street art is ubiquitous in Grenoble, with a new artist's signature on every street corner.

Since 2015, enjoy the Street Art Fest organized by the city of Grenoble, which highlights the most beautiful paintings and expressions on the city's walls.

Stay at Hotel Les Trois Roses to discover the best of Street Art in Grenoble.

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